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NFS:PU Tuning Guide
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Page 1 - The Cars
Page 2 - Cars Tuning Guide
Copyright Information

The Cars - General Facts

General Facts
Having enough money shouldn't be a real problem since you win money after the races, this way you should always be able to buy new cars or to upgrade existing cars. But there's another problem: many cars are not available from the "New Cars"-menu, you can only buy them as used cars. Therefore you should always save a certain amount of money (at least 15000, better 250000) in order to buy a special used car at the time it appears on the "Used-Cars"-menu. Example: the "356 Convertible D" or the "944 S2 Cabrio Turbo" only appear for a short time and if you want to own these real good cars you should have enough money...!
The used car market has an additional advantage: oldies go up in value with every year, especially old cabrios get very expensive. Example: In 1980 you will get up to 175.000 Credits for a "356A Super Speedster", whereas a Coupe would only be worth about 65.000 Credits! This way you can get rich, it's so easy. Just buy some cabrios at the beginning of EvolutionMode, wait for at least 20 years, then feel free to sell them on the used car'll get a lot more money back than you had to invest! By the way: even if you were not good enough to win a Moby Dick or a GT1 as BonusCar, now you can just buy're rich!

Maybe you don't want to work for your money, in this case you should cheat! Read the following lines in order to get to know how to modify the corresponding savegame (if you do not have financial problems, continue below):
NFS:PU creates a SaveGame-File for every profile you're using in the game, you can find the files in "X:\NFS5\SaveData". Now take a look for a file named "?name.sav", whereas ? is a number between 0-3 and "name" is the name of your profile. Now write down the exact balance of account (e.g. 21500), quit NFS:PU and use a HexEditor to open the *.sav-file (if you still need a HexEditor, try "Hex Workshop" --> Now it's time to convert the balance of account (e.g. 21500) to an hex value (21500 = 53fc). In order to do this, use the "BaseConverter"-function or any other hex calculator. Next step: use the search-function and look for the offset, where the above hex value is placed (e.g. Search for 53fc). Now overwrite this value with "FFFFFF", save the modified save game, launch NFS5 and you should have 16.000.000 Credits! Attention: Sometimes NFS5 gets unstable when using modified save games or if you own to much cars.

NFS5 features a completely new 4-point-physics engine in order to allow a realistic handling. If you want to achieve good results, it's necessary to know the specialities of each car, since all Porsches (1950-2000) have different handlings. By the way: dare to take use of the hand brake, you won't loose control over your car as easy as you did in NFS4!
All cars are divided in groups with similar handlings:
Porsche 356 & 356A
356 AAll cars of the 356-series have one thing in common: you can drive them with full tilt, they are old and good-natured. But in reality, they are wolves in a sheepskin!
More than 90 mph aren't possible, even if you drive the fast 356A Super with 75 HP. They are slow and heavy, that's why these Porsches won't take off on jumps and you can control all their movements. But don't even think of driving them in the border area....! As soon as one wheel looses slip or the car starts to lurch, you're lost! So there's only one tip: while racing against other 356-Porsches, drive slowly. If you want to overtake an enemy, wait until you have enough room and speed, avoid crashes. Drive carefully through curves and don't leave the asphalt......then you'll enjoy driving these old Porsche vehicles.

Porsche 356B
356 B The Handling of these cars is nearly the same as above, but you can drive a little bit faster and it's finally possible to slide through sharp curves (e.g. Carrera). One problem: if you loose control over the car, you're lost! Avoid nervous moves, since every change concerning the center of gravity might amplify your car.

Porsche 911 (1965-73)
911 All earlier cars of the 911-series (including "Coupe 2.4 S") seem to be uncontrollable..... but as soon as you know how to handle this car (practice!), they are good-natured. The trick for fast driving with this car is easy: let the rear swerve! This works fine since "sliding" is one of the specialities of the 911! At the moment the rear swerves, shift down one gear and speed up, now the car should stop sliding, drive forward. But be careful: don't speed up for too long, if you do so it's very hard to remain in control of the car.

Porsche 550A Spyder
550A Spyder This Porsche isn't as fast as 911-Porsches and has a terrible handling, but this doesn't matter... the car is pure cult! Let the 550A speed up to nearly 6500 rpm, then you'll have a good acceleration and you won't loose too much speed when shifting up one gear. The 550A has a "pity" disadvantage: bad steering. That's why you should slow down before entering a curve, you can speed up again after you've left the curve.

Porsche 914/4
914/4 This early version of the 914-Porsche definitely uses a weak engine, too weak to reach high-speed levels. Therefore you should upgrade your car with a 2.0 liter engine as soon as possible, otherwise the car won't be able to drive faster than 105 mph. Ok, the 914/4 is slowly, but it has an acceptable acceleration! By the way: it's not worth to buy used 914/4-cars for 5000-7000 credits, since you won't get back more than 20000 credits, even if you sell the car in the year 2000....!

Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7
911 Carrera That's the first "real fast" car. But what a pity, the chassis isn't prepared for this performance...! The rear swerves easily and the excessive torque often causes rolling motions. The Carrera RS 2.7 loves to oversteer, try to make smooth movements, don't slide in bends. Another problem: the car reacts "interessting" on bumpiness. If you want to win races with this car, you should tune it!

Porsche 944-series
944 Turbo All 944-Porsches are pure "fun cars"! You can go up to 155mph (using turbo-version) without loosing control, even in bends. Just use your accelerator pedal, the 944-cars are good-natured. Sliding is a little bit difficult, using a front-engine the car tends to understeer. Attention: if you want to drive a 944 with anti-skid braking system, you have to take a cabrio, all the other 944-porsches are delivered without this feature. By the way: the only place to buy a "944 Turbo Cabriolet" is the used car market!

Porsche 911 Turbo
911 Turbo This car is a real monster! It offers up to 400 HP (tuned only), that's why it's sometimes hard to put all the acceleration-power on the asphalt. Everytime your car stands and you have to accelerate, be careful with spinning wheels. Avoid all types of ditches where the wheels (or even worth: only a single-wheel starts spinning, the other wheels go on speeding) could loose traction, otherwise your car might begin turning in circles....! The 911-porsche loves to amplify, so if you've the choice it would be more intelligent to take the 944 Turbo. Tip: with all upgrades and a good tuning it's sometimes possible to chase a GT1, but only speed up on straight roads, not in bends!

Porsche 959
959 The 959 has a nearly perfect handling and its road holding is very good, of course not as good as the newer models (e.g. Boxster), but good enough to have real fun. The reason for this is a "hydropneumatic" chassis also used in most of Citroen-cars. Unfortunately the 959 (400 HP, 2.5l) isn't too fast, even a tuned 944-Porsche or a 911 Carrera RS 2.7 can beat the 959 on the road! The 911 Turbo is faster, too, but its handling is that bad, it's usually not possible to win against a 959. But why is the 959-Porsche not as fast as you could expect from a car with 400 HP? The answere: the gear ratio of all six gears is more or less of average quality, stupidly you're not able to change this, bulding in a new gear unit doesn't work, too.

935/78 Moby Dick
935 Moby Dick Although this porsche has about 900 HP (3.2l), it still provides a good torque. The handling is self-explaining, you won't have any problems driving this car, since a high pressure cares for high-skilled road holding. Despite the fact, that the 985 has a lot more horse power, this car is slower than a GT1 (or a tuned 911 Turbo). Why? The problem is, that the 985 offers only four gears and the car-turbo doesn't work below 5000 rpm! It's no problem to slam on the brakes with the Moby Dick, in contrary, it's advisable to use the brakes intensively. If you don't use 'em, you'll soon notice that the 985 with his 200 mph top-speed is too fast for some bends :-)
But be careful: if you slow down too much, it might happen that the engine falls below 5000 rpm (that means no turbo any more). If this happens on a hill, Moby has real problems with accelerating...!

Porsche 911/964
964 Carrera Most 964-Porsches provide you with all-wheel drive, therefore their handling is very good on tracks with snow or rain. On tracks like Monte Carlo (dry street) it's often better to use a 964 with rear-wheel drive because you can slide through sharp bends. If you encounter difficulties with rolling motions, you should upgrade your car with the "extrahard" brace.

Porsche 911/964 Turbo
964 Turbo This car has real problems to put all his power on the road, even if you upgrade this second 911-Turbo with a whale-tail. Don't leave the asphalt or if you do, don't accelerate or brake on the slippy grass (danger of turning in circles).

Porsche Boxster
Boxster This stretched two-seater is a little bit slow for his time, the Boxster tends to understeer. Because of his low top-speed and his good road holding, it's no problem to take bends with full-speed. Since this car has a "meager" acceleration don't brake too often, let the car go.....

Porsche 993/993 Turbo
This car has an advantage: you can upgrade it (only Coupé-versions) with the GT2-spoiler. This way you get a fast car with excellent road holding! If you've prefered manual shift up to now, it's time to think different. The 993 turns up the rpm very fast, if you select to shift the gears for yourself, you'll have problems doing so. For your own comfort, select "Automatic" and concentrate on the road, not on shifting down/up every second. Also pay attention to these two particularities of the car: it takes off easily on jumps and wheels start spinning when accelerating too fast.

Porsche 911/996 Turbo
The 996 offers the most power among all 911-Porsches. Combined with electronic driving-systems it's easy to drive this car. But be careful with the turbo: when activated the car goes that fast, you should know the track very well in oder to drive without crashes. Sometimes you may notice, that the car reacts very nervous when driving it close to his limits.

Porsche 993 GT2
993 GT2 This car doesn't have a fantastic performance, but a beautiful design. Somehow EA made the car a little bit too slow, that's why you should tune it before putting a foot (a wheel) on the road. If you do not add any upgrades to the car, you'll have problems to overtake a car like the 993 please tune it to the max!

Porsche GT1

GT1 A real dream-car! Although the GT1 has only 600 HP, he is indeed very fast! With his six gears (good gear ratio) the car is able to go through bends with more than 150mph (of course you should use the brakes from time to time...)! If you feel the car sliding or understeering, make use of the hand brake and speed up again at the moment you leave the bend. The handling of the GT1 is best on: Zone Industrielle, Pyrenees, Autobahn, Corsica and Monte Carlo. Avoid using this car on tracks with heavy jumps or bumpiness, you might loose control over your car. By the way: GT1 with rain-tyres seems to be an excellent combination.

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The original german text was written by Olorin.
Translation & Pics by ChrisX >><<

Posted with permission from ChrisX from



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